The Falcon



The Falcon has a sporty nose outline allowing for tight turns in critical sections. The sleek tail outline minimizes drag and contact. The central wide point and curvy outline make the Falcon the perfect balance of stability and performance. The Panel-Vee Bottom in the nose section “deflect” off the water surface in the case of touching down.


Concave Deck – Cradles the torso while paddling and allows the feet to feel a greater connection to the foil.

Rail Bevel – Acts as a release panel for reduced friction, drag, and impact force during touchdown and takeoff.

Tail Kick – Reduces H20 contact when pumping and taking off.

Construction – Choose between Full Carbon or Fiberglass. All RJ Foilboards are laminated with premium epoxy and have a 1.5 pound EPS core with double stringers which provides rigidity for increased performance as well as durability. RJ Foilboards should hold up better than most brands on the market because of their carefully selected construction schedules.

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