Marc Rocheleau

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Marc Rocheleau with his new RJ 6’5″ Magma and RJ 7’5″ Pacemaker. The underground madman will do these boards justice!

North Shore Pioneers of Eco-Friendly Board Building Interview with Shaper Robin Johnston

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Republished from Freesurf Magazine

By Shannon Marie Quirk
The pioneers of eco-friendly surfboard shaping are up against the odds, as governed by basic economics. Low demand and expensive supply have turned many shapers’ noses from going green in their craft. Despite the numbers, there is a team of surfing talent on the North Shore of O’ahu determined to influence a shift in sustainable surfing and create more options for surfers to go green. Shaper Robin Johnston of RJ Surfboards and Kahi Pacarro, founder of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, are producing eco-boards made from recycled foam blanks then glassed with tree sap resin. Going green has never been safer, or more fun. Read More